Command received in Invalid state when connecting to an Exchange Server

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When Connecting to an Exchange Server, you may receive an error "Command received in Invalid state". We have seen this in different scenario's, all of which can be handled with the proper configuration. connects and authenticates using LOGIN, or plain text authentication. On your exchange server, you may need to check this in the IMAP4 settings for your server.

In some cases an Exchange Services service restart, or reboot is required on your mail server for this setting to take effect.

This is required regardless of whether you are using IMAP on port 143, or IMAPS on port 993.

Another scenario where this occurs is when using Symantec Endpoint , Microsoft FOPE, or any other type of endpoint application. You may need to review the logs for these applications and make the necessary exceptions based on what the application is blocking. You would be looking for blocks on any of the whitelist IP's listed here:

Changing these settings in either Microsoft Exchange or in your endpoint application should be handled by your network or email administrator.

What is the alternative option?

Desk provides an out of the box email inbox that you can use, which makes it easier to avoid complex server setups such as the above. See below if this alternative is of interest to you: