Upgrading your Desk.com App in Salesforce

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Installing the New Salesforce Upgrade

Please note that you must be have full administrative access to your Salesforce org to perform this upgrade.

Before you start the upgrade process, if you have been using the Desk.com Salesforce Integration since 1.x version, please go through the Account, Contact and Lead page layouts that are in use and remove any Desk.com Visualforce pages - not the related lists.​

Here is a short 5 minute video showing you how to accomplish the upgrade or if you'd like you can review the screenshots below.

Determining what version you have installed

To determine what version of the Desk.com package you have, you'll need to be a Salesforce administrator.

So then, log into Salesforce and go to "Setup", you can get their either by clicking on your name in the upper right corner then click on "Setup" or by just clicking on "Setup" in the upper right corner, depending on how you have your settings configured.

Now on the left hand side scroll down until you see "Installed Packages"

Then find the Desk.com package and look for the version number.

If you have something less as in 2.11 then you should proceed with the following process:

Login to your Salesforce Instance if you are not already logged in, and then navigate to this link: Desk.com version 2.11 application

Once you see the package screen click on Continue


In Step 1 Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Next

In Step 2, if you have Professional w/API, Developer, Enterprise or the Unlimited edition please make sure that you have granted All Access for all users and then click on Next

In Step 3 click on Install, once you click install the package will "unwrap" on the Salesforce servers and start the install process.

Once it is complete you will see the success screen:

As the Desk.com application is a "Managed Package" you will not need to redo any of your settings that you have already configured.


You are now finished upgrading to the latest integration package and Desk.com

If you haven't yet configured your Salesforce Integration, visit this Configuration article