Getting Fancy with your Support Center

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Overview is a powerful tool, and with a little bit of HTML and tech savvy, you can make your Support Center look and feel however you want. You can implement advanced features that will create the exact customer support experience that you want to provide.

Note: The feature(s) in this article requires the Standard Plan or above.


Integrating Social Content

Let your Customers know what’s happening with your company whenever they’re on your Support Center by displaying a live Twitter feed from your company’s Twitter account.

Here’s how: 
Adding a Twitter Feed to your Support Center

Advanced Security Features

If your Support Center handles secure or senstive information, you may want additional security in the form of an SSL web security protocol. provides you with the tools to administer the additional level of security.

Here’s how: 
Setting up an SSL Support Center

Unfortunately, SPAM happens, and we try to provide you with all the tools possible to minimize the amount of SPAM that your agents have to deal with. is constantly adding new features to our product to make it easier and faster for you to provide the best Customer Support experience possible. As a result, we sometimes have to perform system maintenance while we add the new features. To make sure your Customers will still have access to your Support Center during these short windows, you’ll need to make some tweaks to display your Support Center in Read-Only mode.  

Here’s how:
Configuring your Support Center for Read-Only Access

Advanced Customizations

If you want to change the Contact Us form on your Support Center so that you can capture additional information, you can do so by customizing the form with some simple HTML.

Here’s how: 
Customizing your Contact Us Form

Since both Articles in your Knowledge and your public Q&A are a valuable Channel of information for your customers, you may want to separate these two sources in different Topics on your Support Center.

Here’s how: 
Creating Separate Article and Question Topics in your Support Center

You can also import your existing Knowledge Base from wherever it is currently into

Here’s how:
Importing Articles into your Knowledge Base

Your Knowledge base is also viewable on other sites that you visit as an RSS feed.

Here’s how:
Viewing Knowledge base Content as an RSS Feed