Being an Efficient Agent

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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console.

You may want to also review the Agent and Getting Started topics on the Support Center. There is a wealth of information, articles and videos from generic overviews to specific answers.

What will I find in this article?

This article will guide you to information on being as efficient as possible as an agent by using:

Responding to Multiple Cases at Once

When you have multiple cases that require the same response or series of actions, use the Bulk Update feature to respond to all of those case at one time. Here’s how:

Performing a Bulk Update

Using Mobile

You can access your Agent Desktop through the Mobile App. Here’s how:

Using the Mobile App

Forwarding Cases

You may want to send a case to someone that is not in Here’s how:

Forwarding Cases to an External Email Address

Deleting Attachments

You and your customers may be sending attachments back and forth to help you in your communication, and at time you may want to delete this attachments to keep your cases clean and succinct. Here’s how:

Deleting Attachments

Keyboard Shortcuts

Agent users can quickly navigate the Classic Agent Desktop with keyboard shortcuts for common actions such as updating the case, sending the message, or accessing the macro control.  A list of keyboard shortcuts is listed below.  (You can also click the keyboard icon in the Classic Agent Dashboard to see the shortcuts.)

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