Navigating the Admin Console

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When you log in to the Admin Panel, you have access to powerful tools to configure your system for optimal customer support. This article helps navigate the Admin Desktop guide for configuring your Support Center.

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Adding Teams & Members

To start, you need to add your support team members as Agents in In the "Team" tab, you can also create different Groups and define permission levels. See: Managing your Team

Setting up Communication Channels

With, you can connect your e-mail, chat, and social media channels all from one place to communicate with your customers. You’ll do this on the “Channels” tab. See: Handling Cases

Case Management Configuration

Optimize your support processes with the power of Filters, Rules, Macros in the "Case Management" tab. See: Exploring Case Management Options

Creating Content

Create content for your Support Center in the "Content Management" tab to provide your customers with self-service help. See: Managing your Content

Integrating Applications works with third-party applications. Browse and install applications in the “Apps” tab. See: Integrating with Other Applications

Adjust System Settings

Set contact information, business hours, outbound mailbox, and advanced configuration options for your site. You’ll do this in the “Settings” tab.