Quick Links: Using Desk.com with External Applications

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Quick Link: Displaying Information in the Agent

Desk.com allows your Agents to access information quickly about customers using external websites via Integration URLs. Using parameters from other systems, Desk.com gives you the ability to pass customer or case-specific data and displays the results in a new window or a light-box window within the case. See Using Integration URLs.

Quick Link: Integrating Desk.com with Salesforce.com

Salesforce is great for handling sales leads and points of contact for your customers as well as organizing your team and sales flow. Integrating Desk.com with Salesforce.com tools provides seamless collaboration and better customer support. See Integrating Desk.com with Salesforce.com.

Quick Link: Integrating Desk.com with JIRA

JIRA is a popular tool used for product and application development. Integrate your support cases with the power of JIRA. See Integrating with JIRA.

Quick Link: Integrating Desk.com with Other Applications

To learn how to integrate Desk.com with other applications not listed here, see Using Desk.com Apps.

Quick Link: Desk.com API

Our API is fully documented with everything you need to build a successful integration. Stumped? Desk.com developers receive unlimited email support. See the Desk.com API.

Quick Link: Desk.com Support Center SDK

If you want to run the company support center from your mobile phone or to give your customers mobile access to content and customer support, then the Desk.com Mobile SDK will do just that. Your native support center is easy to install, configure, and deploy. See our Mobile SDK Guide.