Using Apps

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This article will show you how to integrate with all the applications in Apps. Integrate with other applications for communication, marketing, and project management. Apps Integration


Allows you to send off-hours notifications to your team when you get a critical inbound case from a particular customer.

PagerDuty Integration

Custom Web Actions

Allows you to connect almost any application to by sending a message to your web-enabled application.

Custom Web Action Integration


Allows you to alert a support room that a number of cases are getting old or that a particular queue needs attention.

HipChat Integration

Google Talk

Allows you to send messages to a team member to let them know they need to log in to and handle a case.

Google Talk Integration


Allows you to let a Campfire room know that a customer has responded to an important issue.

Campfire Integration


Allows you to use to subscribe a customer to your mailing list in MailChimp.

MailChimp Integration


Allows you to send an outbound text message to a customer when their issue has been solved; you can do this using the Twilio integration.

Twilio Integration


Allows you to maintain multiple knowledge base sources, and engage with their communities in additional ways beyond  

GetSatisfaction Integration