Business Process Automation

Last Updated - helps you organize and automate your business process so that there’s less manual work for your agents to do. By being able to take automated action by data gathered about you cases and customers, you can automate daily tasks.

What will I find in this article?

This article will guide you to information on:


  1. Effective Data Capture & Management
  2. Configuring Business Rules to Automate your Workflow
  3. Configuring Routing to Assign Cases to Agents


Effective Data Management offers you two different methods for capturing data about your customers and flagging it in a meaningful action to take action. Here’s how:

Managing Data: Labels vs. Custom Fields


Configuring Business Rules

Business Rules are one of the most powerful tools in They allow you to take action based on the types of cases you get, the information you capture about your customers, and the time that has elapsed since certain actions were taken. Business Rules automate your workflow. Here’s how:

Automating with Business Rules 


Configuring Routing

Case Routing allows you to deliver new cases to Agents as they come into from all of your channels based on the availability of your agents and the priority you assign to different categories of cases. Here’s how:

Automating Case Assignment with Routing


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