Automated Messaging

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While personalized agent responses tailored to the individual needs of your customers, sometime it might just be enough to let them know you’re listening, or to notify them that a change has occurred.

What will I find in this article?

This article will guide you to information on:

  1. Sending Auto Acknowledgements
  2. Sending Automatized Notifications
  3. Understanding the Difference between Auto Acknowledgement and Notifications


Sending Auto Acknowledgements

When your customers contact you, you can send them an automatic response to let them know that you’ve received their question and will get back to them. Here’s how:


Sending Auto Acknowledgements


Sending Automated Notifications

You may want to automatically notify a customer when a particular value on their case has changed. Or, you may want to notify others within your organization that a case has been assigned to them so that they can make sure to log in and answer the question. Here’s how:


Sending Automated Notifications


Understanding the Difference

The different types of notifications have subtle nuances that are important to understand. Here’s a guide to understand the difference:


Auto Acknowledgements vs. Notifications

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