Identifying Keywords in Business Rules

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Using Subject and Body Keywords in Business Rules gives you powerful features to select cases by using a Keyword or several Keywords.

By using "All" Conditions (Logical AND conditions) or "Any" Conditions (Logical OR Conditions) in conjunction with each other, you can configure your business rules to look for different words & phrases and use these words to drive automatic actions.  

This is particularly useful to set the assigned group or change the priority.  You can look for words of praise, anger, common problems, or spam.

In addition, you can also use a keyword as a trigger to set a label on a case - the label which you might use to trigger a case to appear in a filter in For example, you might look for the word "return" and label that case with the "shipping" label.

How to match a keyword in a case

If you're trying to match keywords in email cases, you can search the email body for keywords as shown below.

For Twitter cases and Facebook cases, use the case subject to find keywords.


Note: The Starter Plan allows for Inbound and Time rules. If you want to create other types of rules, you need the Standard Plan or above. To upgrade your account, log in to your Admin panel and click "Billing" on the right. You can find an overview of our pricing plans or reach out to Sales for more info.