Create a New Story in a Pivotal Tracker Project

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Introduction: Creating a New Story in a Pivotal Tracker Project's Pivotal Tracker App helps you to add a story to an existing project so that you can track customer needs in your development projects. You can also use the Pivotal Tracker app to add a note to an existing Pivotal Tracker story when new cases arrive needing that same escalation.


To install the App Go to Admin > Apps > Browse Apps, and look for Pivotal Tracker tile on the page and click on install..
Scroll down and look for Pivotal Tracker and click on Install

You'll need to know the Pivotal Tracker Token and Subdomain for the Pivotal Tracker account you're using, and the Room to which you're sending the Text message. Alternatively you can use your username and password.


An Action is the actual message you'll be configuring to send through to your Pivotal Tracker Account when a Rule fires that matches the conditions you set. Under the Installed Apps > Pivotal Tracker click on Add Action to create a new Pivotal Tracker Action.

An example of an action is the following, written with Liquid variables to provide dynamic information about the current case:

When fired, this Action will use the Pivotal Tracker App to send a Message that adds a story to your Pivotal Tracker project from the User you specify and send the message populated with information from the case that triggers the rule based on your Business Rule conditions.


Business rules in allow you to act without Agent intervention when certain conditions occur at Events specified for a case.
Here's an example rule, run on a "Case Updated" event:

What happens when everything works?

When you update a case in by adding the label "send to Pivotal Tracker", the Rule will evaluate to be true, and the Action will fire to add a story in your Pivotal Tracker Project.