Deleting Attachments from Your Cases

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​Customers can add attachments to their inquiries using either the email form - as displayed below - or by submitting an email having attachments to a monitored mailbox.

Agents can also attach files to a case using the “Add” link in the attachments section of case view.

Attachments in Classic

Deleting an Attachments in Classic Agent
To delete an attachment from a case in Classic Agent, click the Erase link. A dialogue box will appear. Select the checkboxes next to each attachment you wish to delete and then click Erase.

Attachments in Next Gen

Deleting an Attachments in Next Gen Agent
To delete an attachment from a case in Next Gen Agent, click the “X” next to the attachment you wish to delete then click “Yes” in the dialogue box that appears.

Delete case attachments automatically using an Interaction Rule
If you prefer to delete all inbound attachments from cases automatically using a rule, you can automate this process by configuring your rule as in the screen shot below.

In this example, all inbound attachments are removed from a specific mailbox for security reasons.

 Note: You cannot delete attachments from Closed cases.