Sending Notifications to Customers

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There are different types of Notification emails. This article is going to discuss Case Closed Notifications since they are designed to be sent to customers.

What is a Case Closed notification?

A Case Closed notification  is designed for updating a customer when "something" happens on a case.  For example, when you want to notify a customer that their case has been resolved,  you would use a Case Closed Notification. But don't let the name mislead you, Case Closed notifications can be sent at any time and have no effect on the actual case status.

How is this different than an auto acknowledgement?

Case Closed notifications can be sent at any time and are frequently confused with Auto Acknowledgements, which can only be sent at the time that the case is created.  

You can read about the differences of Auto Acknowledgments vs Notifications in our Support Center at

Creating a Case Closed notification.

1. Go to Admin->Cases>Notifications->Case Closed. You will see a System Default Theme listed there. You cannot modify the look and feel of this theme.  You can either use the System Default Theme, or Add Theme to add a new one. If you create a new them, you can modify the content of that template.

*** NOTE: You cannot modify the "System Default Theme". When you add a new theme, it essentially makes a copy of the System Default Theme for which you can change the look and feel. When using he System Default Theme, the contents of the email will be a canned response from that cannot be changed. If you are using the System default template, you can skip to step 3.

2. If you are using a custom theme, you can modify the template as follows:

For example, you may want to modify the FROM address, or the subject line. This is what it looks like by default:

You can edit it to look like this:
To modify the content:

The default content of the Theme looks like this, and can be modified right in the template:

You can also use HTML to modify the look and feel of your Case Closed Theme.

Note: If you do not know HTML, a good resource is Alternatively, you can send your questions to If it requires any advanced programming, you may be directed to your account executive to set up a consultation with our Customer WOW Consultants to review.

3. Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of your Case Closed Notification  you need to set up a rule to send the Case Closed email when the case is resolved. Go to Admin->Cases->Rules->Case Resolved and add a New rule.

If you have created a custom template, then you will need to select that template from the Send Case Closed Email drop down list in the rule actions. If not, then you can leave it on System Default Template.

This rule will send the Case Closed email whenever a case gets resolved.

If you want to send different Case Closed Notifications for different circumstances, you should create a Case Close theme with a corresponding Case Resolved rule, and then modify the rule conditions to determine when to send each Case Closed email.

You can create simple or complex Case Closed notifications using the methods described in this article.