Changes to Reporting Platform - Segments

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(Note, this article pertains to's old Business Insights which is being phased out on October 15, 2015 and replaced with the New Business Insights)

What does's shift from event-based to a status-based reporting platform mean for you? 
Business Insights operates on search criteria that looks for event data related to a case. Previously, viewing segmented reports by label showed you the number of times a label has been applied -meaning if a label was applied, removed, and applied again, you'd see 2 applied events. Now you will just see the number of cases that currently have that label.

Let's look at this in more detail: 
It is Tuesday, June 11th, and I want to run a Volume Overview report on New Cases segmented by Label for cases created on Monday, June 10th. 

Previously, I would see all cases that were created on Monday June 10th that had the Labels I'm looking at applied to them at time of case creation - meaning they were applied by a Case Created Rule or a Inbound Interaction Rule. 

With the new changes, I will now see all the cases that were created on Monday June 10th that currently have the Labels that I'm looking at applied to them. These could have been added at any time, from the moment the case was created to just before I run the report. This also means that if I then run this same report for Monday June 10th on Wednesday, June 12, the number of new cases will remain the same - since this is the number of cases created on the 10th - but the label counts will reflect any changes that have been made up to the current moment.