Change the Customer Associated with a Case

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Note: This is an article that references the Classic Agent console.  Another article discusses this feature in the Next Gen Agent email cases can be changed so they're associated with a different customer. Let's say you've received an email from your voicemail system and you want to change the resulting case to reflect the customer who actually left the voicemail, here's how you would do that.

Note: The functionality to change the associated Customer is only supported in Email Cases

The first step is to click the "change the customer" link at the bottom of the case tab on the left side of the screen.

change the customer

From there it will depend on if the customer already exists or if you need to create a new customer.

How to:
Change a case to belong to an existing customer
Change a case to belong to a new customer

Change a case to belong to an existing customer

After you've clicked the change customer link a window will pop up allowing you to search for the customer you want the case associated with. 

Change Customer Search

Click "Change Customer".

You're done!

Change a case to belong to a new customer

If the customer doesn't currently exist, from the search popup, you'll want to select New Customer and then click "Change Customer".

Add new customer

Once you've clicked "Change Customer" and the case customer association has been switched, be sure to go to the Customer and Company tabs and edit the Customer details and then update your case to those details.

Edit customer and company details

Once you've completed that, you're done! The case will now be associated with the new customer and you'll find it when viewing that customer's history. 

Note: If you're also planning to send out a reply and not only changing the associated customer on the case, then be sure to change the TO address on your reply before sending.



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