Tracking Which Support Center a Case Comes From When Using Multi-Brand

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Our Multi-Brand feature is a great way to have multiple Support Centers, each tailored to a specific product or brand. However, what if you want to make sure you're tracking which of those Support Centers your cases come from and then create brand specific filters? Well, fear not, in this article we'll show you how you can set this up.

One way of tracking which Support Center an email is submitted from is to create a custom field for your brands or products, and then add that field to your forms. You can then hide that field on your forms, so it's not visible to your customers.

From there you'll be able to see in the case which brand the case was submitted from and you can also create a filter based on that custom field.

How to:

Create your custom field
Add the field to your forms
Create a filter based on that field

Creating your custom field

Step 1: Go to Admin → Cases (at the top) → Cases (on the left). From here you'll see all existing Case custom fields and you'll want to click "Add Field" to add a new field.

Add a case custom field

Step 2: Name your field. In this example we're using "Brand". Make sure you remember what key you enter (brand in this case), you'll be using that later on to add this to your forms.

The field type should be a "List" and you'll want to add in each brand as an option. Make sure you keep track of the exact options you add. You'll need to add the exact same text to your form later on. We suggest keeping them simple to remember and identify.

Step 3: Click "Add" Your field has been created!

Adding the field to your forms

Once you've created your custom field, you're ready to add your new field to your Support Centers.

Step 1: Go to AdminChannelsSupport Center. Select the brand you want to start with from the brand-selector and then go to "Web Themes".

Step 2: Create a new Theme (if you already have a custom theme you can edit your theme instead). You can also copy your existing theme and edit the copy without messing up the original (great for testing and experimenting).

Step 3: In your new (or existing) theme click on "Advanced Themes". 

For this example we're going to add the new custom field to the email form.

To edit your email form go to the "Email (New)" section of the Advanced Theme Editor.

Step 4: Add your field code within the email form (directly below the {{form_begin}} tag. Since this is a list field type we're going to want to add this as a select field. Please note that this method only works for the "Email (New)" portion of the web form.  Email our Support for help with Q&A and Chat form customizations. 

In our example we added a field named "Brand" with a key of "brand" and 2 list options: Brand1 and Brand2. You'll need all of the custom field information in order to add this to your form.

The code we're going to add is:

Note the "ticket_custom_brand" in the id and the ticket[custom_brand] in the name. These come from the "Key" in the field you created. You'll always want the ticket_custom (or ticket[custom_]) part, but the rest of the field name is your key. So if you named your field product, the id would end up being ticket_custom_product and the name would be ticket[custom_product].

You can add this anywhere within the form code itself in the Email(New) theme. Just make sure it's included after {{form_begin}} and before {{form_end}}.

Step 5: You can preview your change by clicking the "Preview" button at the top right of the edit window, or choose to save your changes. Done!

Step 6: Repeat these steps for each brand specific Support Center you have.

Step 7: Now go to your brand specific Support Center and test everything out. When you submit an email case it should automatically be tagging it based on the specific brand support center you're submitting from.

Creating a filter based on your field

Once your forms are submitting the custom field data to your cases, you can create filters for each brand.

Step 1: Go to AdminCasesFilters.

Step 2: From there click "Add Filter".

Step 3: In your new Filter add an "All" condition for your new field. In this example the condition would be for the "Brand" field and then "is" and "Brand1". This will give you a filter containing every case submitted with Brand1 as the brand custom field. You can add in other conditions for items like the Status (show only new/open cases).

Step 4: Repeat for all of your brands.

​Step 5: You're done!

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