Add Users

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Easily add Users (agents and admins) in the Admin, where you can view how many licenses you have available and how many you've used.


  • You need Administrative Manager permission levels or higher in order to add agents.


  1. Go to AdminTeam > UsersAdd User.
  1. The Add New User popup appears where you configure details for the new agent.
  • Type: Your options are Full-Time or Flex Agent. A Full-Time Agent is billed monthly (or annually depending on your preference) and a Flex Agent is billed depending on usage. 
  • Name: The name of the Agent which is displayed in the Admin panel.
  • Email: Set the email address for the User. This is used to sign in to Desk and receive case-related notifications.
  • Public Name: The name of the Agent which is displayed in the case and visible to customers.
  • Signature: A signature message that’s automatically appended to the end of this Agent’s replies to customers.
  • Access Level: Choose a role to set permissions for this User. For more info on permissions, see Agent Access Levels.
  • Groups: Groups help organize users into teams. For more info, see Managing your Team With Groups.
  1. Click Add. The new user will be sent a welcome email asking to set a password.

Permissions and Available Licenses

"The charge for this user is included in your available licenses," means an Administrator or Billing Administrator can add Full-Time agents since you already have enough licenses as part of your subscription. 

If you've used all your entitled licenses, only a Billing Administrator will be able to add an additional agent either through the billing settings of the Admin panel or by contacting your Account Executive to update your subscription and contract. Also, only a Billing Administrator can add Flex Agents to the system. If you cannot add Flex Agents, and you are the Billing Administrator, please contact