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When integrating with SnapEngage, all your live chats and offline conversations are stored directly in along with chat transcripts and detailed debugging information.

Step 1

Go to the "Settings" page of your SnapEngage account, click on "Integrations" and then "":

Step 2

Enter in your site name and then click "Connect to my account":


Step 3

You should see the following pop-up screen from Desk. Click "Yes, Grant Access":

Step 4

Once you've connected to your account successfully, you can then move onto the "Configure Integration" section and decide how you would like SnapEngage to handle your data and how you would like the data to be delivered to your account.

Step 5

Now go to your Desk. com account and go to AdminChannelsSupport CenterWeb ThemesEdit to edit your default web theme:

Now click on Advanced Themes > Layout, then scroll until you see the "chat" code and comment it out:

Now go to SnapEngage and click on "Get the code" and then click on the "Copy to Clipboard" button:

Now that you have the code copied, go back over to Desk and then paste the code right at the very bottom of the "Layout" page below the other scripts.

Finally click on "Update" and make sure the theme you are working on is set as the Default Theme and you're done!