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Agent Details Report

The Agent Details Report displays metrics relating to an individual agent. This report is a drill-down report and can be accessed from the Agents Report. The Agents Report itself provides agent specific metrics on all of your agents however by drilling down to the Agent Details Report, you will be able to see the specific agent's metrics along with all the cases the agent has worked on in the set time period for the report.

To access this report, under the Business Insights menu click on Agents to access the Agents Report first. You may also want to set the date range for the reporting period, next to the report type drop-down menu.

The upper part of the report displays some important agent performance metrics for the time period specified at the top of the report. The graph can display the Agent’s Average Handle Time, Number of Resolved Cases, and more simply by clicking on each column heading.

Click on the Agent's name and it will display the Agent Details Report where you can view each case that the Agent worked on during the specified time period. The table contains individual metrics for each case as well.

By clicking the right facing arrow in the metrics headings, you can change the page to the second set of metrics. Once you're on that second page the arrow will now face left and you can click it to go back.

You can also click each column heading to sort your report by that metric.

If you click on any of the Case IDs in the left column of the Case Level report, that case will open in the Agent in a new tab allowing you to review the actual case.

Business Insights allows you to save reports to your Favorites and even put them in folders for easy organization. You can also use the Export & Share functionality to extract the data to share with others.


Want to know more about the metrics covered in our Agent Details report? Check out the Business Insights Metrics Glossary.