Importing Existing Articles via RSS

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When creating your Support Center, you may want to consider importing previously created articles in bulk, rather than entering them all manually.

Currently, supports importing articles via an RSS feed. So if your articles were published via RSS, you'll be able to import them into your account by following these steps:

Step 1: Login to the Admin and then click on Content.

Step 2: Click on Articles and then click the "Import RSS..." button.


Step 3: Enter the URL of your RSS feed in the "RSS URL" field.  If you want all these articles to be viewable in the public help center, click the "Show In Support Center" option.  Then click the "Import..." button.  After a few moments, the articles will be imported into your system.


  • This RSS import is a one-time event.  
  • Article attachments are not imported with the RSS feed.
  • uses the RSS <title> and <description> as the Article Title and Body respectively.
  • Other parts of your RSS XML will not be imported to Desk.

If the feed content changes, you need to manually import again. If you need customized help importing information into your Support Center, please contact us


Example RSS Format