Customizing your Auto-Acknowledgements

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This article gives you an overview of how to customize your Auto-Acknowledgment themes in For an introduction to auto-acknowledgements, please see Sending Auto-Acknowledgements.

Create a New Theme

1. Go to Admin --> Channels --> Email --> Auto Acknowledgements. You will see a System Default Theme. You cannot modify the look and feel of this theme, however you can modify the text contents of the auto acknowledgement by modifying Snippets.

You can either use the System Default Theme, or click Add Theme to add a new one.

Note: You cannot modify the "System Default Theme". When you add a new theme, it makes a copy of the System Default Theme which you can edit to change the look and feel.


Modifying Snippets

Whether you are using the System Default Theme or a custom theme, you can modify the Snippet (content) at Admin --> Content --> Snippets in the following snippets:







Modifying your Theme Further

If you are using a custom theme, you can also modify the template a bit further.

For example, you may want to modify the FROM address, or the subject line:

Additionally, if you are trying to use different Auto Acknowledgements for different scenarios, you would create an theme for each. But instead of using the snippet variables, you would hard code the content yourself.

For example, the content of the Theme looks like this:

You can change it to look like this:

Additionally, you can modify the look and feel of your Auto Acknowledgment Theme using HTML.

If you do not know HTML, this a good resource. Alternatively, you can send your questions to If it requires any advanced programming, you may be directed to your account executive to set up a consultation with our Customer WOW Consultants to review.

Enabling your Inbound Interaction Rule includes an inbound interaction rule named Send Auto Acknowledgement Email that is OFF by default. You will need to turn this rule on at Admin- -> Cases --> Rules --> Inbound Interaction.

If you have created a custom template, then you will need to select that template from the Send Email Acknowledgement drop down list in the rule actions. If not, then you can leave it on System Default Template.

It is important to note that this default rule contains a condition, "Hours Since Last Auto Ack Email Sent  greater than or equal to 24". You should always use this condition in any rule that sends an Auto Acknowledgement to prevent an email war /email loop.

If you want to send different auto acknowledgements for different circumstances, you should create an auto acknowledgment theme with a corresponding inbound interaction rule, and then modify the rule conditions to determine when to send each auto acknowledgement.

You can create simple or complex auto acknowledgement emails using the methods described in this article.

Note: Customizing Automatic Acknowledgements requires the Standard Plan or above. To upgrade your account log in to your Admin panel and click "Billing" on the right. See the overview of our pricing plans or reach out to Sales for more info.