Merging Cases

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Note: This article references the Classic Agent console. Go here to read the Next Gen Agent Case Merge knowledge article. Merging Cases is available only for Email Cases. Other Channels do not support Case merging.

Enable Case Merging

In order for your agents to merge cases from the same customer, you will need to enable case merging in the Admin panel. Go to Admin > Cases > Agents and in the Agents Settings make sure that Merge Cases is enabled for all users:


Merging Cases

You may want to merge related cases from the same customer together because they are duplicates, are about the same topic, or are intended for another thread etc... This article will explain how you can better manage your case using the merge cases feature.
NOTE: Only cases from the same customer can be merged together. You cannot merge cases from two different customers.

In the following example, the customer has sent in multiple cases for the same issue. The agent does not want to respond to all of them, and decides to merge them together so the response is coming from one case only.

1. Open the case that you want to merge into another case and select the "merge this case" link from the lower left corner of the case tab.

2. Search for and select the case that you want to merge this case into, then select the "Merge Case" button.

NOTE: The on screen instructions will allow you to select the case that you want to merge "From" and "Into". Beginning April 4, 2016, always merges the newer case into the older case regardless of what you select on this screen.

3. Once the cases have been merged, you will see that the interactions from the merged cases have been added to the case in their proper location within the case thread, based on the time stamp. You will also see the merged case listed in the Case timeline, at the bottom left of the Case tab.

4. It is important to note that that the original case is set to Closed and can no longer be edited, after the action to merge has been completed. You will be able to see this noted within the case details. Going forward, customer replies to either case will get threaded into the merged case only and not to the Closed case. If you need to perform any actions to the case, such as add a label, change a field or change the case assignment, then you should do it prior to merging. 

You will also notice a new section for linking cases. The closed case has been linked to the merged case.

Linking cases is described in this article.

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