Restricting Admin, Agent, API, Support Portal and Business Insights by IP Address

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For an added layer of security, you might want to restrict access to your Agent Desktop, Admin, API, Support Portal or Business Insights by IP address (or multiple IP addresses). If you're on the Pro plan or above, you can now manage the IP addresses (and grant access to new ones) through your Admin panel. The new IP Whitelist Feature allows you to specify which IP addresses can access what portion of the backend of your site. This adds more security so that people outside of your company can't access sensitive information even if they get one of your Agent's usernames or passwords.


  1. Go to Admin  > Settings > IP Whitelist
  2. To add an IP address, click + Add IP Whitelisting
  3. Enter the public facing IP address you want to grant access to here. (More information about CIDR).
  4. Once you've entered the IP address, check the boxes for which parts of your account you want that IP address to access: Admin, Agent, API, Portal, or Business Insights.
  5. Click Add

Any IP other than those listed will be denied access to that aspect of your account.

Note: In order to use this feature, you must be on the Pro Plan or above.