Step 6: Reporting in Salesforce for Cases

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​How to setup Reporting in Salesforce for your Desk Cases

Note: This step requires you to have an active Salesforce org and either an active Salesforce integration or Desk Connect enabled between your site and Salesforce org. Once your case, customer, or company data is synched, you can generate reports in Salesforce using Salesforce Objects and relationships.

This article will show you how to run a Salesforce report on your Desk cases that are shown in the Desk related list within Salesforce. The reports will be generated and stored in Salesforce.

To set this up you will need to be a full Salesforce Admin, but once it is setup anyone that has Reporting in their Salesforce profile will be able to run the report.

Here is a short video showing you how to accomplish the upgrade or if you'd like you can review the screenshots below.

Creating a Custom Report Object

Note: These instructions are for the Salesforce Classic Experience. 
  1. From Setup, go to the "BUILD" section, expand the Create category then click on Report Types.

  2. Then click the button "New Custom Report Type".

  3. Select the Primary Object for your custom report type, in this case it will be " Cases"

  4. Enter the Report Type Label and then hit the tab key to auto populate the Report Type Name. The label can be up to 255 characters long, the Report Type Name is used by the SOAP API.
  5. Enter a description for your custom report type, up to 1000 characters long.
  6. Select the category to store the custom report type in.
  7. Select a Deployment Status:
    • Choose In Development during design and testing, as well as editing. The report type and its reports are hidden from all users, except those with the “Manage Custom Report Types” permission. Only users with that permission can create and run reports using report types in development.
    • Choose Deployed when you're ready to let all users access the report type.

      Your Custom Report Type should look something like this:

  8. Click Next.
  9. Click on Save.

Create a Report in Salesforce

  1. Click on Reports from within Salesforce

  2. Click on New Report...

  3. Click on Cases or whatever you have named your Custom Report Type


  4. Now click on Create

Now you can customize the report and then save it for later use. Make sure whatever columns you choose are showing in the related list so the data will be available.

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You are now finished creating a
Custom Report Object in Salesforce

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