Step 5: How to enable a rule using a field from Salesforce

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If you haven't yet configured your Salesforce Integration, visit the Configuration article.


The Salesforce Integration allows you to use Salesforce fields in Business Rules. This integration allows for automating Desk workflows based on values from Salesforce.

Note: there is a 24 hour caching to prevent issues with the API rate limit within Salesforce. Because of this caching once a customer case has been updated in it will take 24 hours before any further update from any rules can take place. If you are looking for a real-time update, this caching will not allow that. 

Enabling Salesforce fields to be available in your Rules:

  1. Go to Admin > Settings > IntegrationsSalesforce
  2. Once you are in the Salesforce integration panel, there are two tabs: "Widget" and "Rules".
  1. The "Widget" panel will allow you to choose whatever fields you would like to display on the "Widget".
Click here to learn more about configuring the Widget. Here's an example of what the Widget within Desk looks like:



The "Rules" tab is where you set up your Desk Rules. This tab allows you to choose which Salesforce fields that can be used in the Rules Conditions section. (We'll show you below how to use the fields in a Rule).



  1. Once you select the fields from the Account or Contact tabs to use as a condition in a rule, go to Admin > Cases > Rules
  2. Choose the Rule type to create. For example, an Inbound Interaction Rule or a Case Updated Rule. If you aren't familiar with Rules, check out the Business Rules article.
  3. Click Add a Rule to create a new Rule.
  4. When configuring a rule, add an "All" or "Any" condition and your Salesforce field would look like this:
  1. Once you choose the field, the condition asks for a value to be evaluated:

Keep in mind the cache period and what that means for the rules.

To complete your rule, think of "All" conditions as "And" statements, "Any" conditions as "Or" statements, and "Actions" as "Then" statements.
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