Forward Processing

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Forward Processing automatically detects the original sender of a forwarded email, enabling your agents to respond to the correct person by default. When a case is forwarded, the original sender is automatically selected as the case Customer and their email is entered into the reply TO field rather than the forwarding sender.

The way that forward processing works is that when sees an email with “fw:” or “fwd” in the subject, it tries to parse the ORIGINAL sender (ideally your customer) instead of the person who forwarded it in (usually the agent). looks for the first "From:" entry in the body of the forwarded email by searching for “” .

When it finds it, it's able to process the forwarded email as expected.

Note: Some email clients display and send the friendly name, so instead of “”  it would be something like “FROM:Doe,John".  This is an incorrect format, and won't be processed correctly.

When it doesn't find a properly formatted “”  in the body, an entry will be added to your system logs, and then the agent/forwarder is set as the customer as below:

Info Information— Email contained invalid forward values. Email processed as normal email
​When Forwarding processing runs successfully on a case, it eliminates the need to change case details. Additionally, it helps prevent emails being sent to the wrong recipient and minimizing time spent getting the email to the correct person.

Forward processing is automatically enabled for new accounts. You can edit this setting in Admin → Channels → Email  Advanced Settings → Forward Processing.

Available Options

Disabled: Disabling forward processing will automatically use the email of the person who forwarded the message. This is the actual sender of the email.

Enabled - From Agents Only: This option detects when an email was forwarded from an address associated with one of your Agents only. All other emails will not activate forward processing. For example, your support Agent receives an email sent to his personal email address from a client. He then forwards the email to the inbound email channel. When the case is opened, the customer's email will be placed in the reply field rather than the Agent.

Enabled - All Emails: All forwarded emails activate forward processing. The system automatically detects the original sender associated with an email and places it in the reply field.