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Overview of Q&A

The Questions & Answers (Q&A) feature is a great tool to build a community around your product. It allows customers to post public questions and receive support from agents or other customers.


Enabling Questions & Answers

The Q&A Channel is enabled by default in AdminChannels > Support Center > Advanced Settings. The Support Center must be enabled in order for the Q&A Channel to be available.

Enabling Q&A on a Per-Topic Basis  

If you want Q&A to be available only for specific topics:

  1. Go to Admin > ContentTopics, and you'll see a list of all the different topic categories you have.
  2. From here you can add new topics, and toggle existing ones. To enable or disable a topic, click on the gear icon to edit. Here, you can choose to hide a topic from your Support Center, or disable questions.

Moderating Questions & Answer

Agents have the ability to hide Questions posted on the site if they are inappropriate, or mark a specific community Question or Answer as the “Best Answer”, which will be featured on the site. There are two options for doing so.

Option 1 - An agent can hide a Q&A post or promote it when they open it as a case in the Next Generation Agent console.

Option 2 - This moderation can also be performed through the Admin.

  1. Go to Admin Content Questions and click the gear icon next to the post you want to moderate.

  1. Select whether you want to Hide or Feature the post by toggling between the Yes and No options.


Note: You cannot edit an Answer once it is posted. If you see an error in your answer, use the hide feature and repost.

Note: The feature(s) in this article requires the Standard Plan or above. To upgrade your account, log in to your Admin panel and click "Billing" on the right. See an overview of our pricing plans or reach out to Sales for more info.

Note: If you wanted to export your Q&A you would need to use the API.