Case Forwarding

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Note: This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. There is another article for Case Forwarding in the Classic Agent console.

Overview of Case Forwarding

Case Forwarding allows Agents to share case information in with other Agents and external email addresses.

Enable Case Forwarding

  1. Go to AdminCasesAgents.
  2. Enable Case Forwarding.

Forward a Case

The Case Forwarding option is shown in the form of an arrow icon in a case view.

Clicking the Case Forwarding icon opens a dialog where the Agent can specify the forwarding email(s) and write a note.

The format and content of this email sent by the system is established in the Forward Template. You can create or edit an existing Forward Template at AdminCases > Cases > Forward Themes.

If you wish to hide all Notes from a forwarded case, you can copy this theme code into the HTML body of a new Forward Theme.

Note: This will also hide any text sent in the Additional Notes area when forwarding a case.

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