Filter cases by interaction subject and/or body

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Note:  This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. For information on the Classic Agent console please refer to How to filter cases by interaction subject and/or body


You may want to filter your cases based on the contents of the interaction subject or interaction body. While the current filter conditions do not directly allow you to filter by subject or body, the instructions below explain how to create your filter using labels, and append the labels automatically with an inbound interaction rule to achieve the same results.


In this example, the objective will be to create a filter to easily get to those inbound email interactions related to password/login issues.  First, we will create a label named "Password" and then create a rule based off that label.
  1. Create a label at Admin > CasesLabels > + Add Label. Name it "Password".
  1. Create a Case Filter at Admin > Cases Filters+ Add Filter. Name it "Password" and make an Add 'All' Condition of "Labels contains Password." Specify the rest of your preferences or leave as default and click Update.
  1. Create an Inbound Interaction Rule at AdminRules > Inbound Interaction+ Add Rule. Here are some sample helpful "Any" conditions for this example rule:
  • "Interaction Subject contains password"
  • "Interaction Body contains password"
  • "Interaction Body contains can't login"
  • "Interaction Body contains reset"
  • Make a Rule Action of "Append Case Labels Password"
  1. To test this rule, send a case to your account that meets any of the rule conditions. It will add the label, and add it to your filter as shown below:


You can create a set of labels, filters and rules for as many topics as you need by repeating these steps for each.

To learn more about filters, check out the Creating Case Filters article.
If you're configuring something a little more complicated, read some more tips in our Support Center article on Advanced Case Filtering.