Using Chat as a Customer

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The Chat Channel is enabled by default and allows your customers to start a chat with your Agents.

In this Article

  • How customers initiate a chat
  • What the chat looks like for a customer
  • How customers can end a chat
Note: If you are looking for information on setting up chat as an Admin on your site, please review this article.

How Customers Initiate a Chat

In your Support Center there is a link on the right in the "Contact Us" section called "Live Chat!" This link takes you to the chat form that customers fill out to start a chat session.

The URL for this page is:

Chat Widget

With you also have a chat widget available to you. This is a little bit of code that you can add to your website that creates a button your customers use to initiate chat. The snippet of code is in Admin Panel > Channels > Email > Widget. For more details on the chat widget, see How do I add a chat form to my site? 

Chat from Customer Perspective

  1. Customers can write a new message and then send it to the Agent.
  2. The chat history is displayed here. This shows each message, who sent it, and when.
  3. Customer can end the chat by clicking on "End chat" or closing the window. The total time for the chat session is presented here as well.


How Customers End a Chat

Customers can end a chat session by closing the window or clicking on the "End chat" link at the top right of the chat screen. When a customer selects "End chat" they have the option to have the transcript emailed to them. After selecting Yes or No the chat screen closes.

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