Handling Twitter Cases

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Note: This article references the Next Generation Agent console and not the Classic Agent console. 

Overview of Twitter Cases

​This article explains how to handle Twitter cases in the Next Generation Agent console. Make sure you set up Twitter as a channel to utilize these features.

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Create a Twitter Case

These steps show how to create a Twitter case from the Next Generation Agent console.
  1. Click the "New" button to the right of the search box.
  2. Select "Tweet" for your case type.
  3. Search for the customer the case belongs to by typing in their name, email or phone number. Make sure the customer you choose has a Twitter handle added to their customer details. Click Create Case.
  1. The text field is automatically populated with the Twitter handle you have associated with the customer. In the bottom right under the text box, there's a dropdown where you can select which of your Twitter handles to use for the Tweet.

Reply to a Twitter Case

When you reply in a Twitter case, you have two options for how to reply. You have the option of sending the Tweet as a Mention or Direct Message by selecting your option in the dropdown in the lower right of the reply box. However, if the customer is not following you, you will not see the Direct Message option or have the ability to Direct Message. There is a character counter in the Tweet reply box, and if you surpass 140 characters, you will receive an error when trying to send the tweet.

Reply as a Mention

Reply as a Direct Message


Underneath the tweet itself in the case view, you have the option to Retweet.
  1. Click Retweet.
  2. If you have multiple Twitter handles added, select the one you want to use to Retweet.
  3. Click Tweet.
  4. The Retweet symbol will turn green under the Tweet in the case view, signifying that you Retweeted this message.


Add and Follow a Customer's Twitter Handle

  1. Open a case in the Next Generation Agent console.
  2. In the customer details panel on the left, click the "new" icon when hovering over the Twitter field.
  3. Type in the customer's Twitter handle and click the check mark.
  1. Click the Twitter "plus" icon and choose the Twitter handle you want to follow the customer with. To unfollow, click it again and uncheck your Twitter handle.

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