Mini Workflow: Follow-up Reminders

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Overview provides powerful workflow options to simplify following up with customers. One method is creating a Time Rule to reopen cases after a specified period of time.


To develop this workflow, you will first create a Custom Case Field so your Agent can indicate that a Case needs future follow-up. Second, you will create Time Rules to reopen the Case after a certain period of time if an agent selects a value in the Custom Case Field.

#1 Create the Custom Case Field

  1. Go to Admin > CasesCases+ Add Field​​
  2. An Add Case Custom Field dialog will appear with the following fields:
  • Name: The name of the field. This is what agents see when viewing a case. Name it something like "Follow-up with Customer in:".
  • Key: The value stored in to access this field in other areas of the product. Name it "follow_up".
  • Data Type: The type of Custom Case Field needed. Select "List" for this option.

After selecting "List" in the Data Type field, you will then see the Data field where you will add various follow-up options based on relevant time periods for your organization, such as the following:

  • Please Select...
  • 1 day
  • 2 days
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks

#2 Create the Time Rules

  1. Go to Admin > Cases > Rules > Time Rule
  2. Click Add Rule

Create a new Time Rule that changes the status from 'Pending' to 'Open' after the Agent selects an amount of time in the Custom Case Field:

Start with adding "All" Conditions:

In this example, the rule would identify with cases updated to a Pending Status 24 hours ago and that have the new custom field filled out for a 1 Day follow up. The rule actions will re-open the case, clear the follow up field from 1 Day to blank, and add a case note for the agent.



Note: You will need to create a new Time Rule for each value added to the list of options in the Custom Case Field. For example, to reopen a Case for follow-up in one week, you would copy the above rule and modify the conditions:

  1. Change Hours since Pending to 168
  2. Change Case Follow-up Reminder in: to 1 week

More common conversions:

Time Period Hours (Calculated)
 2 Days  48 Hours
 3 Days  72 Hours
 2 Weeks  336 Hours
 30 Days (~1 Month)  720 Hours
 6 Months  4320 Hours
 1 Year (12 Months)  8760 Hours

Note: Hours must be entered in full increments.

Agent Training

After making these changes, you should also train your support agents on how to use the new "Follow-up with Customer in:" field and corresponding workflow. Also, be sure to alter the above Time Rules as needed to best suit your support process!