Mini Workflow: Leveraging Agent Feedback for New Articles/FAQs

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In order to keep your Support Center relevant and updated, you will want to leverage insights from your Agents. They will recognize new trends in questions from cases and can quickly identify new articles that are needed. Below is a simple workflow to gather those insights quickly from your team.


First we will be creating a Label.

  1. Go to Admin > Cases > Labels
  2. Click + Add Label
  3. An Add New Label dialog will appear with the following fields. 
  • Name: In this example we'll use the name "FAQ Candidate"
  • Color: You can choose a color for the label. Let's choose grey

Agents marking cases with FAQ Candidate Label

Once you create the label, all Agent needs to do is to apply the label. A good guiding light is for the team to identify trends in new recurring questions.

Running Reports on a weekly or monthly cadence

Once you and your team have put this into practice, there is an easy way to pull all the FAQ candidates using the Business Insights Labels report. You'll want to use the Filtering capability of the report to include cases with the "FAQ Candidate" label for a specific time period.

Once you run this report, you will see the summary metrics for those cases including the total number of created cases.

In this report you can see there is 1 case marked for a "FAQ Candidates". Now you'll want to actually review the 1 case. You can easily do that by clicking on the number "1" which will then take you to the Case Detail report.

By clicking on the Case ID#, you can open up each case. This will provide you with the full details of the case including what the issue was and what the new article should to be about.