Handle Facebook Cases in Desk

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Desk allows you to handle Facebook interactions as cases. After Adding Facebook as a Channel, you can start handling Wall Posts, Messages, and Comments as Desk cases.

Note: Importing comments from Facebook Groups and Sponsored Ads is not currently supported.

Configure Facebook for Desk

Go to AdminChannels > FacebookPages and click the gear icon to configure your settings for Facebook.


Facebook Case Features

  • The case shows whether the customer sent a Private Message or a Wall Post.
  • Private Message - Responding back to the customer creates a Private Message in their Facebook Inbox and is not shared on your Facebook Business Page's Wall.
  • Wall Post - An agent's reply to the case will show as a comment on Facebook.
  • If you want to remove content from your Facebook page, you can simply erase the post or comment.
  • You can “Like” Facebook Wall Posts from the case view.

Private Message:

Wall Post: