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Companies Report

The Companies Report in Business Insights is where you go to see statistics for the companies identified on tickets logged by your customers, as they would most be associated with a company.

Note: This feature requires the Pro Plan or above. If you are not on the pro plan or above, you will receive a message suggesting that you upgrade when you try to access the report.

To access this report, go to the menu and click on Companies.



Once the report loads you'll see a graph with each channel where you can selectively turn them on and off by clicking their names at the top of the graph, just as in the Overview

report. You can also isolate a single channel by clicking on that channel’s bar within the bar chart.

The table below the graph will list companies that were listed on tickets during the specified time period.


You can also click each column heading to sort your report by that metric. You'll see the graph adjust to focus on that specific set of statistics.

You can click on any of the metrics in the table and the Case Level Report will load and display the specific cases that were used to calculate that metric.  You’ll be able to click on the column headings to sort the report by that specific metric, and you’ll be able to click on the case ID to load that case in the Agent



Once you’ve configured your report to the way you like it (date range, channels, graphed metric), you can Save Reports as Favorites by clicking on the left-hand button in the upper-right corner. This will allow you to retrieve that specific report at any time in the future with just a couple of clicks.

Once a report is saved, you will find it on the main report drop down menu:

The Export & Share functionality, accessed similarly to Favorites. For Export & Share click on the middle button in the upper left corner.

This feature allows you to access the report data for use in a spreadsheet or other analytical tool, or to share a report link with another user, which will display the report exactly as you’ve configured it (date range, channels, graphed metric) when they open it in Business Insights

The report will show exactly as you’ve configured it (date range, channels, graphed metric) when they open it in Business Insights

Export and Share includes 3 options:

Download: Download a .csv file of the data in the report

Email: Send a .csv file of the report’s data to another

Link: Generate and copy a link that you can send to another user which allows them to see the report as you’ve configured it.


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