Enable CSat (Customer Satisfaction Survey)

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This article shows you how to enable CSat if you're using a custom theme.

  1. Go to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes. Next to your Default theme, click the Copy icon to preserve a copy as a best practice before you make changes.
  1. Open your Default custom theme and go to the Advanced Themes tab.
  1. Copy the Header code and paste it into notepad (make sure not to use Microsoft Word) or other text editor that preserves the code as-is.
  1. The CSat functionality is in Version 7. To get a Version 7 theme, click + Add Theme. This will create a new default theme with the CSat code that you can use for your new custom theme. Give it a name and click Add.
  1. Go the the Advanced Themes tab. Click Continue.​​

  1. Go back to Advanced Themes tab. Copy the Header code from your old Theme into Version 7. Click Update.
  2. Go to your new Version 7 custom theme and make it the default.
  1. Go to ContentSnippets and search for "feedback" where you will find your new editable CSat snippets.

Note: If you made any customizations in the Look & Feel, IntegrationsCustomize Content, or Body tabs, you will have to repeat these copy/paste steps into the new theme.