How do I Customize the Article, Topic, and Search Results Pages of My Support Center?

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Note: This FAQ refers to the Advanced Theme Editor. For a step by step guide on how to edit elements of your Article, Topic, and Search Results pages, as well as all other pages on your Support Center, please click here.


The Article, Topic, and Search Results pages are located in Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes > Edit Web Theme > Advanced Themes. The Article page of the Support Center provides the template for any page where an Article is displayed. The Topic page of the Support Center is the template for a list of all the articles in that Topic. The Search Results page provides a list of all the items returned from a dynamic search.



Example: removing the pagination link on a Topic page gives you the ability to page between available topics on a topic page. If you'd like to remove this link and display only some of the topics (in this example, we're limiting the display to 5, simply make the following changes in the Advanced Mode editor on the Page(Topic) page:

change {% for article in articles %} to {% for article in topic.articles limit:5 %} remove

Example: remove the published at date from the Article page. automatically display the date and timestamp of when an article was published or last updated. To remove this information from the customer view on your Support Center simply remove the following code from your Page(Article) file in the Advanced Themes editor:
{{system.snippets.last_update}}: {{ article.updated_at | in_time_zone: site.timezone | date: '%b %d, %Y %I:%M%p %Z' }}

Example: edit the styling of the Search Results page.

To edit the styling of the Search Results page, go to your Advanced Themes editor and click Page (Search Results). The Default view looks like this:

To change the amount of text shown for each article, locate the following code and update the the number following clip:

{{ result.body_plain | clip:110 }}

By changing to clip:500, your results will look like this:

To update the color of the Article Titles in your Search Results, simply add some css styling to the article link in the Page (Search Results) like so:

<a style='color:#079141;' href='{{ result.public_url }}'>{{ result.subject_plain | clip:70 }}</a>