How do I Customize the Email Pages of My Support Center?

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Note: This FAQ refers to the Advanced Theme Editor. For a step by step guide on how to edit elements of your Layout Page, as well as all other pages on your Support Center, please click here.

Answer uses two different kinds of email intake forms in the Support Center - the main one you're likely to use is the Email form - and you may also choose to use the email widget. Here are a few general tips and considerations for the Email pages:

  • You can use the Email widget to place your email form on any website other than your Support Center.
  • You should consider using the email "Pre-Create" to offer additional options to customers and increase the likelihood that they will help themselves instead of creating a case.


  • Administrator access level or above.
  • Understanding of HTML and/or CSS.
  • Familiarity with Liquid to easily customize the appearance of Support Center. For more information about Liquid, see List of Liquid Variables.

Default Email Form

To edit the Email/Contact Us form on your Support Center go to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes > Edit Web Theme > ​Advanced Themes > Email(New). This page refers to the email form itself and looks like this by default:

For the pre-create popup that appears before an email is submitted, you need to edit the Email (Pre-create) file in your web theme. This is how it looks as default:

Lastly, you can also customize what appears on the page after an email is submitted with your own success message by editing the Email (Submitted) page in your web theme. This is what the submitted page looks like by default:


Example: Changing the Fields on the Email Form to take First and Last Name

You may wish to ask for both first and last names when your customers email you - in that case, simply remove the {{interaction_name}} field from your email form and add in the following:


Add Custom Fields

Further customization can be achieved by creating custom fields and adding them to your email form to gather further information from your customers. For a step by step guide on how to achieve this, check out this article: Add Optional or Required Custom Fields to Your Contact Form

The Email Widget

In order to add your email form to your won website, you need to use the email widget. Here is a step by step guide for setting this up:  Add an Email Form to Your Website