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Slack, the messaging collaboration app, is a great complement to the power of's case handling capabilities. Desk offers a simple installation that integrates Desk cases with Slack channels. 


  1. Go to AdminAppsSlackInstall​.
  1. Click Install Slack​.
  1. Read and scroll down to Accept the terms and continue.
  2. Enter the information to integrate your Slack app:
  • Name: The display name of your Slack installation that displays under your "Installed Apps" section in the Admin. This is beneficial since you can have more than one Slack instance integrated with your instance.
  • Authentication Method: Choose "Slack OAuth" and click create. Next, pick the Slack team to integrate. Then authorize permission for Desk access to Slack.
  • Active: Click Yes.
  1. Click Create.
  2. An action is the configuration of how your instances interactions with your Slack instance. Click Add Action​.
  1. Create a new action:
  • Name: The display name of your Slack installation that displays under your Actions section in the Admin.
  • Action Type: Select "Post to a Slack channel".
  • Channel to Post Message to: Select an existing Slack channel, such as #deskagents. When specifying your channel in this field, you don't not need to include the #.
  • Sender Name: Specify a sender name for the display message in Slack. For example, "".
  • Fully Parse Message: In full parse mode, Slack will find and linkify URLs, channel names (starting with a '#') and usernames (starting with an '@').
  • Text to Send​: Using liquid, we have specified which case fields to display in the Slack message by default including the case number, customer name, and assignee.
Click Add Action.
  1. Turn new action On​ to make it active.
Note: You may add multiple actions by repeating the previous steps.

Create a Business Rule

Create a rule to automate the action of posting Desk case info to a Slack channel. In this example rule, the case information posts to Slack whenever an updated is applied to an important case. The case information posts to a corresponding "deskagents" channel in Slack.


  1. Go to AdminCasesRulesCase Updated. Click + Add Rule.
  2. Give your new rule a name, e.g., "Post to Slack".
  1. Configure the rule:
  • Event Type:  Case Updated
  • Name: The name of the rule that appears in the Admin, e.g., "Post to Slack".
  • Add "All" Condition: Conditions allow you to specify contingencies for the rule. Leave this blank for this example.
  • Add "Any" Condition: "Case Priority greater than 5"
  • Rule Actions: Select "Trigger an App Action", and then "Slack: Post to a Slack Channel".
  • Run Rule: Select when to run the rule.
  • Enabled​​Select "Yes" to activate the rule.
Click Update​.

Now, in this example, whenever a case is updated in Desk with a priority greater than 5, it will post to the case information to the corresponding channel in Slack:

Note: If you're using a custom domain name for your Desk site, you may experience an authorization error the first time you setup the integration. Simply remove your custom domain name from Admin → Settings (or Admin → Channels → Brands if you're using Multibrand), run through the authorization very quickly and then put your custom domain name back.

If you're unable to configure the Slack integration using this workflow, you may be interested in using Custom Action webhooks to push Slack notifications as documented in the related article here:

How to Push CSAT Ratings to Slack