How to set your outbound mailbox/email address using the assigned agent

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When you set up an outbound mailbox, you set the "From" address that your customer will see the emails coming from. You may want to use the assigned agent to determine which outbound mailbox to use. This article will describe how to use the assigned agent to set your outbound mailbox.

1. Create your agents in Admin→Team→Agents:

2. Create an Outbound Mailbox with the FROM and REPLY TO Address that you want to use in Admin→Channels→Email→Outbound Email:

3. Create an Outbound Interaction rule to assign the Outbound Mailbox based on the Agent in Admin→Cases→Rules→Outbound Interaction. Make sure to select Email only as the rule type, by checking the Email checkbox.

You will use an All Condition to specify if the Assigned agent is for example Sales Agent, then use a specific mailbox for the case replies. The Rule action you set for the rule is called Set Email SMTP server where you select the mailbox you want to associate to the chosen Agent. The Outbound interaction rule will look something like this:

You can use this setup for multiple mailboxes and multiple Agents.

That's it! All you need to do now is set the respective agent for the case and send your response. The outbound interaction rule will take care of the rest and set the appropriate mailbox based on the selected agent.

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