How to set your outbound mailbox/email address using a custom field value

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When you configuring an outbound mailbox within Desk, you set the "From" address that your customer will see when they receive emails from you when handling their cases. But what happens when you have multiple outbound mailboxes for different departments within your organization and you need to automate which outbound mailbox is used for certain types of cases? Thankfully we can use a custom field and rule to avoid your agents having to manually choose the correct mailbox to reply from.


1. Create a Custom Field

Create a custom field at Admin→Cases→Cases→Custom Fields. Name your custom field, give it a key and pick ‘List’ in the dropdown. Add your list values to your custom field and click Add.


2. Set up your Outbound Mailbox

Create an Outbound Mailbox with the FROM and REPLY TO Address that you want to use at Admin→Channels→Email→Outbound Email.

For more information, see our help video Setting up an Outbound Mailbox

3. Set up Outbound Rules

Create an Outbound Interaction rule to assign the Outbound Mailbox based on the selected Custom Field value at Admin→Cases→Rules→Outbound Interaction. Make sure to create it as an Email only rule.

That's it! All you need to do now is set the respective custom field value for the case and send your response. The outbound interaction rule will set the appropriate mailbox based on the selected custom field value.


4. Testing Your New Workflow

You can test this workflow by submitting some test cases to your site. Simply change the custom field on the case and respond within Desk to see the mailbox being set correctly.

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