Change Company Name

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Set the name of your company in the admin to display automatically in external communications, such as in support center and auto-acknowlegements.



  1. Go to AdminSettingsSite Settings​.
  2. In the Company Name​ field, enter a name for your company.
  1. Click Update.

Company Name Appearance

Certain themes, such as the default auto-acknowledgement theme, use "site.company_name" in liquid. This automatically pulls the value from the Company Name field in Site Settings.

Use this liquid to publicly display your company name. For example, the default web theme displays Company Name automatically in the browser tab of your support portal.
Note: If you're displaying your company's name in the header of your support portal, configure this in AdminChannelsSupport Center >  Web Themes > Default Web Theme > Edit > Customize Content. This is not affected by the “Company Name” field.