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Want to see how your business is doing at a mere glance? With's Business Insights Customizable Dashboard, you get widgets that track key performance indicators across your customer service center. Use widgets to identify trends, monitor agent efficiency, and view case handling metrics.

Use Customizable Dashboards and make solid business decisions based on real-time data. Guesswork is for amateurs! You're a pro. You're using Check out this video to see the Business Insights Customizable Dashboard in action!


Note: You must be on the Business Plus Plan to add additional widgets to your Dashboard. Otherwise, you can reference the Business Insights Standard Dashboard.


To view your Business Insights Dashboard:

  1. Go to 'Business Insights' in the left navigation panel.
  1. Click 'Overview Report' and select Dashboard.
  1. View important Business Insights reports in a dashboard view.
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Dashboard Widgets

You can add up to 16 fully customizable widgets to your dashboard. Widgets can be added and rearranged in a snap-to-grid configuration anywhere on the dashboard. 


Creating a Dashboard Widget

  1. To create a new widget, click the '+' sign in the upper right corner of the dashboard.
  2. Select a widget from the Widget Type dropdown.
  3. Add a title to the Widget Name field.
  4. For Labels, Fields, or Custom Macros widgets you can choose Top 5 or Selected. If Selected is chosen, check the labels of interest in the menu.
  5. When you're done, click 'Create.'

Cases by Filter

The top seven filters from the Agent. Configure and rank your filters in Admin > Cases > Filters.


Adjusting Filter Thresholds

Filter widgets are adjustable, meaning you can set numeric thresholds for the number of tickets in the filter. Exceeding this ticket count highlights the numbers in red; returning to a sub-threshold count highlights the numbers in green for 15 minutes.

To adjust the filter:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the upper left corner of the widget.
  2. Under the Thresholds menu, enter the numeric thresholds in the Cases fields.

Case Volume Today by Status

The distribution of active cases by the hour they came into the system (over the last six hours). Ideally, you want more active cases in the more recent hours, showing that cases are not active for too long.


Case Volume Today by Channel

The number of cases that have been opened in each Channel over the last 6 hours


Top Labels

The most popular Labels applied to cases over the last 24 hours


Top Macros

The most popular Macros applied to cases over the last 24 hours


Top Agents 

The Agents with the highest number of resolved cases over the last 24 hours. A second column indicates the number of messages sent in the last 24 hours.


Top Groups 

Like Top Agents, Top Groups shows the highest number of resolved cases by Group in the last 24 hours.

Average Time to First Response

Average Time of First Response to a case is shown by each hour over the last six hours. The y-axis is in minutes.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores can be configured for All, Selected Agents, or Selected Groups. These can be displayed as a donut widget:

Or as a CSAT recent history score, which displays the most recent 100 CSAT scores across your dashboard.


Standard Dashboards or Customizable Dashboards: What's the best fit for your Business? offers two Business Insights Dashboards, a Standard Dashboard available with our Pro Plan, or the Customizable Dashboard available with our Business Plus plan. Compare features and choose the plan that best suits your business!

Feature Comparison: Standard Versus Customizable Dashboards
  Standard  Customizable
Number of Available Widgets 9 16
Move, Add, and Delete Widgets   X
Configurable Labels   X
Custom Fields   X
Custom Macros   X
Messages Sent by Agent and Group   X
Filter Threshold   X
CSAT Widgets for Agents and Groups   X
Agents and Groups Widgets   X
CSAT Top-100 Widget   X