Setting up a Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox

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Connecting your Microsoft Office 365 Mailbox using IMAP is as easy as connecting to other hosts. First, navigate to ChannelsEmailInbound Mailboxes in the Admin then click "Add Mailbox". In the new screen, enter your username and password. Our new mailbox creation system will automatically detect your host, given that the correct credentials are in place.

Important Note: does not support shared mailboxes. 

If successfully connected, when you open to edit the newly created mailbox, it should look along these lines:

To save you some time when setting up accounts, now creates an Outbound Mailbox automatically after creating the Inbound Mailbox. If you navigate to ChannelsEmailOutbound Mailboxes , you will see the SMTP server has been connected. So there is no need to manually create an Outbound mailbox as it was already created for you!

If you do need to manually create the Outbound mailbox, then go to ChannelsEmailOutbound Mailboxes in the Admin then click "Add Mailbox". Enter your username and password as you did with the Inbound mailbox. Then complete the following information: 

SMTP Host:
SMTP Port: 587
Use SSL: Use SSL if Available

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