How can I create sub sections / containers in my support center (sub-brands, sub-topics, etc)?

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What's our secret?
You may have noticed our support center has sections within sections. What is this magic?! Read below to learn how we did it.

Currently, supports two layers for the Knowledge-base content. Topics (the top level) and Articles (Topic > Article). An article can only be associated with Topic at a time.

But some customers may want to add another layer. It is possible to create this extra layer by using our Multi-Brand feature. Typically a Multi-Brand will be used to have separate support centers (For example, one for Product A and another for Product B). With Multi-brand enabled for your site, you have the ability to create multiple support centers, each with its own set of topics and articles. You can use Multi-Brand as a "virtual second layer" of article segmentation (Brand > Topic > Article)! 

This "virtual layer" approach through Multi-Brand is exactly the approach we took when building our own support center. We created "Getting Started", "Agent", "Admin", and "Developer" as Brands, each containing topics. We also have a "Home" brand that serves as the landing page that you land on when you visit Desk allows you to share your web theme across all brands so that means that all of our Brands ("Getting Started", "Agent", "Admin", "Developer") share the same look and feel. 

On the Index page of our web theme, we have code that checks to see if the user is on the Home brand or a secondary brand (such as "Agent" or "Getting Started"). If the user is on the Home brand, we render a list of all other brands. Otherwise, we render all topics and articles for their current brand. 

For a full guide on setting up your own multi-brand solution, view our full guide.

Note: Multi-Brand requires Pro or Business Plus plans. See our edition comparison here to learn more about Multi-Brand at your edition level.