Creating Internal Articles

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This article features the Next Gen Agent and Admin Console.

You can use articles as an advantage to document internal procedure that will help your team.  For example, if you have a specific process for handling different types of cases based on products and/or services your business provides, you can create a hidden topic and articles that will help your team to better approach these kind of cases.

Note: Only your Agents have the ability to view these articles and will be hidden from your customers in your support center. However, while the articles are hidden on your support center they still may come up in search engine searches such as a Google search.

To rectify you would want to add the keyword "Hide" to each of the articles that you want to be internal articles. Then add this code to your header in  your support center theme:

{% if article.keywords contains “Hide” %}<META NAME=“ROBOTS” CONTENT=“NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”>{% endif %}

To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go into Admin > Content > Topics > Add a topic (such as “Internal Training”). Make sure “Show in Support Center” is turned off to hide the topic.

  2. Within the Content tab, click on Articles. Then, the blue "Add Article" button to create your article. 

  3. Make sure “Show in Support Center” is turned off as well when composing the article.

  4. After you have created the article, navigate to the Agent Desktop and your team can click on the Global Navigation tab, then “Knowledge Base” to view internal articles you’ve created.
    Note: Colloquially we call the Global Navigation the Hamburger Menu in the upper left hand corner of Next Gen Agent.