Enabling Google Single Sign-On for your Desk.com Site

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This is a simple, one click installation, but Agents Google Apps email must match their Desk.com Agent email address. Please follow the steps below in order to enable Google Single Sign-on for your Desk site. 

Note: This will only work if you're using a desk.com domain for your Desk site. For custom domain names, Google Apps single sign-on will need to be enabled using SAML. Please follow this article to setup Google Apps with SAML. 

1. Go to Admin > Settings > Integrations > Google Apps

2. Set Authentication to On, and enter your Google Apps domain in the text field e.g. "desk.com"

When logging in, agents will now see a link to "Login with Google Apps", which will redirect them to log in with Google before continuing on to Desk.com.

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