Change the Smiley Images used for CSat

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Customer Satisfaction (CSat) is the customer service rating feature from As you may have read on the CSat article,  you can change a few things such as the questions and when the to ask customers to rate the case. But you may want to use your own images used in the email sent to the customer.  

The standard CSat images are a set of smileys.



In order to use different images, you will need to have the image hosted somewhere so that you can reference it with a url. Meaning that you should be able to access the image by typing in a url into your browser.

Steps to change the Reply Theme images

  1. Go to AdminChannels > Email > Reply Themes 
  2. Open the Reply Theme that includes CSat (If you are usingseveral reply themes you would want to change all of them)
  3.  You will want to change some of the code. Specifically you will want to find the part of the code that specifies the source, identified by the HTML tag "src". In this example I am changing one of the images but leaving the other three with the default images. You can see I change the last of the four images to use a hosted image: src=""

Steps to change the Portal images

  1. Go to Admin > Channels > Support Center > Web Themes
  2. Choose the web theme that you want to change (should be the one marked as 'Default')
  3. Go to the Advanced Themes editor
  4. On the left side-bar, click on the section called 'CSat (New)'. You will again update the source of the image. In this example, I am changing one of the images but keeping the default for the other images.

Customer Experience

This is how your customers would see the changes from this example

Reply Theme

Portal Confirmation