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Note: This feature requires the Business Plus Plan

Customers rely on your repository of knowledge articles to help them use or troubleshoot your products and services. The Business Insights Content Report yields important metrics such as the number of page views per article or how often agents apply articles to cases over a specific date range. With this kind of information you can identify the articles most relevant to your customers and target sub-standard content for revision or deprecation.

This article will walk you through an example of how to run and interpret a Content Report.

Running a Content Report

In this example, let's generate a Content Report that analyzes your organization's knowledge article metrics from the last 7 days. 

1.  Log in to your account and go to: Admin>Business Insights
2.  Select Content in the left-hand dropdown.



3.  Opening the calendar window we'll use the default date range of the Last 7 Days. When creating a date range, you can either select dates on the calendar or click one of the preconfigured ranges (e.g., Today, Yesterday, Last 30 Days).

4.  Click Apply and Desk will start crunching the data. Your Content Report will be displayed within seconds.

5.  As you can see above, the Viewed column is highlighted and the bar graph displays the number of page views (total, not unique) within the specified date range (the Last 7 Days) for each of the knowledge articles.
6.  To create a bar graph for a different parameter, such as Applied To Cases, just click on the column and the Content Report will generate a new analysis showing the number of times each knowledge article was applied to a case within our specified date range. Note: Mouse over sections of the bar graph to see article-specific data (See, below).


Content Report Definitions

Viewed: Number of times the article was viewed over a specific date range

Page Ratings: Number of times the article was rated during a specific date range

% Positive: Customer feedback on the article, based on percentages

Applied to Cases: Number of times the article was applied to cases over a specific date range

Presented as Deflection: Number of times the article appears in a recommendation modal that appears before a customer sends an email from your Support Center (See, below)

Clicked as Deflection​: Number of times the presented deflection article is clicked in the recommendation modal

Last Updated Date: Last time the article was updated in the Admin Content section

Shown in Support Center: Whether the article is hidden (such as a draft) or published on your Support Center

Saving and Sharing the Content Report

  1. To save the report, click on the bookmark icon in the upper-right of the screen and name the report. Then click 'Save.'

  1. Click on the download icon to email the report, download the CSV, or create a link to the report.


Accessing Knowledge Articles on Your Support Site and in the Content Editor


You can also access knowledge articles from the Content Report. Scroll down to the article titles and click the article of interest.

The link will take you directly to the knowledge article on your Support Center.


From the Content Report you can also access knowledge articles in the Content Editor. Click the (Edit) link.

Now the article will open in the content editor.