How can I block someone from emailing us?

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Spam happens, it's undeniable in today's day and age.

Thankfully, we have an easy way to block it in Desk, through what's called an Inbound Address Filter.

Any Admin on your site can head to Admin → Channels → Email.

Just click on the mailbox that the spammer is emailing to bring up the edit screen. Then enter a comma separated list of email addresses to block into the Inbound Address Filter.

In the example above, emails sent from the email domains,, and the email address will be ignored by Desk and a case won't be created.
Note: If you want to block an entire domain you should use the syntax ".*" as shown in the example.

If that person then resorts to filling out one of your web based forms, you'll need a little more advanced configuration to kill spam the ninja way.